What is a water footprint?

By calculating your water footprint, you can find out how much of the world's water resources are consumed by your way of life. Even though there is still plenty of water in most of the Western countries, many of our daily products contain virtual or hidden water. Virtual water may have been consumed in countries where water is scarce. For example, one cup of coffee contains up to 140 liters of virtual water used in the production! Your water footprint reveals not only the water you use directly (in washing, for example), but also the amount of virtual water you consume.

Kemira and clean water

The clean water that we get from the tap might be an everyday matter to many westerners, but it is a prerequisite for well-being and a healthy life. For a long time, Kemira has worked to help produce clean water by developing chemicals and processes dealing with the purification of drinking water as well as wastewater. Every day, millions of people use water for drinking and washing that was purified using Kemira’s products.

What can I do?

The more we appreciate clean water now, the more likely it will be available to us in the future. You can influence your water consumption with simple measures. You can decrease your water footprint by using water-saving measures while washing dishes, doing laundry and even while brushing your teeth. Making the right consumption choices is the most efficient way to affect your consumption of hidden water. Reasonable consumption, recycling, and awareness of the consumption of hidden water help a lot. By measuring your water footprint, you will receive information and useful tips to support your choices.

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Note that the water footprint calculator gives only a rough estimate of your water consumption. The reference used is the average water consumption in Finland. The average water consumption varies between countries.